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Here you will find sermons from Pastor Young as well as other messages along with our Radio Play episodes "Life in Hopewell" these messages are not intended as a replacement to being part of a faith community. This is simply another help in your faith walk and in the case of  our radio drama some family fun entertainment.

Monday's Manna

Here is the Monday’s Manna for this week.


The presence of light means so much to us especially in winter. When we enjoy the bright days of sunshine, the sun shines through our lives to families and those around us. When the days are dark and cloudy, like today, we can become gloomy and despondent. We forget that the sun is shining just above those clouds and is always constant. The light we enjoy so much is still available but it is just out of sight for the moment.


Beloved, during this season of Advent let us remember that though there are times when the Light of the World, Jesus Christ may not be visible to us….He is always constant, ever present and still available to us.


''Arise, shine for your light has come, no longer will you have the sun for light by day, nor the brightness of the moon give you light; but you have the Lord for an everlasting light, and your God for your glory''

                                                                                             Isaiah 60:1a, 19



In praise of the Incarnate Lord,









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